[E³] The Third Evolution™


[E³] is the world leading innovator in the LCD key technology.

As the developer of the first programmable LCD push-button switch and keyboard, our team of engineers has more than 40 years combined experience in the design, development and production of programmable LCD key solutions.

[E³] represents The Third Evolution of programmable LCD keys and the culmination of over 20 years of continuous development.

If you want to learn more about the History of the LCD Key Technology click here.

[E³] offers the broadest range of RGB-backlit, programmable LCD keyswitches. Our switches offer a combinationof industry leading and innovative features not found in any other LCD key:


SA3216 with 32x16 pixels resolution
SA3624 with 36x24 pixels resolution
SA6432, SB6432, SI6432, SM6432  with 64x32 pixels resolution

RGB Colors

SA3216, SA3624 and SA6432 keys support 64 RGB colors.
SB6432, SI6432, SM6432 keys support over 10,000 RGB colors.

Color Calibration

No color sorting due to Advanced Technology™ electronics. The RGB backlighting of all keyswitches is calibrated for maximum uniformity.

Advanced Technology™ Mode

The integrated control electronics provide unrivaled ease of integration and flexibility with internal image and color refresh, high data transmission rates, key grouping, custom protocols and many more control options.

Legacy Mode™

Backward compatibility for use in legacy systems.


All keys self-initialise. No external setup commands required.

Low Power Consumption

Less than 65mA maximum current is needed when bright white backlighting is selected. Typical value is less than 25mA with one of the RGB colors.

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