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Programmable LCD push-button switches and control panels

[E³] is the leading developer and manufacturer of RGB-backlit LCD push-button switches for control panels in broadcasting, military and industrial applications.

RGB-backlit LCD Switches

Fully programmable LCD display switches with over 1 million RGB colors in a push-button design

Development System

DevBoard development system for rapid prototyping and testing


CC0064 hardware controller for up to 64 Sx6432 switches

Desktop Panels

Desktop control panels with
RS232 and USB interfaces

Rack-mount Panels

Rack-mount panels with
RS232, USB and Ethernet interfaces

Customer-specific Panels

Control panels designed to your specifications
with custom layouts, interfaces and protocols

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[E³] Engstler Elektronik Entwicklung GmbH was founded in 2001 to design, develop and manufacture state-of-the art RGB-backlit LCD push-button switches and control panels. As the pioneers of the LCD key technology we are building on more than 40 years of experience in the development of custom input systems.

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Located in Grosswallstadt, Germany, our global network of partners and customers allows us to service clients from around the world. Our customers have integrated our LCD key technology into products servicing a wide range of industries.

● Television and Radio Broadcasting ●
● Emergency and Commercial Vectronics ●
● Intercom and Telecommunications ●
● Process and Industrial Controls ●
● Point-of-Sale/Service and Hospitality ●
● Home and Building Automation ●
● Military Command Control Communication ●
● Flight Simulation and Avionics ●

Our engineering department provides product support, development assistance as well as design and production services for our custom panel customers. Continuous development and product improvements for our LCD key products ensures our customers and end users that all of our products deliver in demanding 24/7 applications and operating environments.

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